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A. M. Reid

Alternative realities for everybody!

My name is Alison Reid. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I live for creative solutions to weird problems.

I want to help people who have an exciting vision that they want to make happen, one that will make a perceptible, positive difference to the world. That, or remind people that their everyday lives are just that, an everyday routine, and if they can get their noses up off the grindstone for a second, they'll see that there is so much more to the universe than they ever imagined. If your business is wonder, or learning, or healing, I want to help you.

Oh, and I also do other stuff...

The A.M. Reid empire - because I'm organized that way

Lucky Devil Trading Company

Lucky Devil Trading Company

Come in and sin

Lucky Devil Trading Company is the source for all your sinful accessories. Well, not quite all, but we're working on it! Coffee cups, t-shirts, wall art - choose your poison. Cheerfully snarky? Yes, it's a thing. We're standing by to take your order.

Workshops with Alison Reid


For adults and kids

I teach workshops in various crafts - needle felting, lantern making, leather work, and other mixed media. A few may be NSFW. I hope to bring a little more colour and fun into your life. Come on down!

I will be teaching this fall and winter at SkyBlue Art Studio and Mangled Studios in Toronto.

Monster School

Monster School


Monster School is a cartooning workshop where kids can learn to channel their inner monsters onto a piece of paper. Monster School is back at SkyBlue Art Studio for 2017 and ready to unleash hairy, toothy, clawed, multiple-eyed, bow-tied, three-headed monster mayhem once again! All materials are included, and each kid gets a free Monster School colouring booklet to take home.

Monster School on Etsy

Monster School Studio on Etsy

Cartoons and illustration

Now you can buy Monster School downloadable foldable cards for your party, holiday and personal needs. Want to send a note to your beloved every day telling them how gosh darn delicious they are, but don't have the budget? Should you say sorry for that thing that happened at that party? Does that happen a lot? If that's the case, you might want to reconsider some of your life choices. In the meantime, there's a monster for that! See my growing line of products on Etsy.

Mad Gleam Illumination

A FREE resource for lantern makers and fans

Mad Gleam Illumination has useful information and inspiration for makers and fans of lanterns. If you love to see beautiful coloured constructions lighting up the dark, you'll find handy tips on how to do that yourself. It might end up with an ad or two, but this information will be free forever.

Created by Fire Monkey on Etsy

Created By Fire Monkey on Etsy

One-of-a-kind pieces and craft materials

This is all my own work, of various kinds, because I like variety. I may add some materials for other craftspeople if I have a little extra on hand!

I create items that are sometimes simple and practical little widgets and sometimes just fun, whimsical, colourful and spirit-lifting. You never know what you'll find, since all items are original designs and hand-made by me in Canada. Designs may not be repeated exactly or at all, so if you see something that speaks to you, buy it - it may not pass this way again.

I put my creations out there and hope they'll enhance your life in some way. It makes me happy to think they might. If they do, please let me know.

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