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Are you a good monster or a bad monster?

It's back to school time and time to think about the fall to come. Think about adding some monsters to your life this fall. Take a workshop or send your kids to one, stock up on downloadable, foldable cards for the party season, or (coming soon!) add a few stickers to your texts. It's all possible. Thank you, Monster School!

Monster School

Monster School workshops

Monster School workshops are for kids only, (so far! I have had adults ask me about a grown-up version). All materials are provided, and they get some instruction in how to draw and colour their characters, with lots of room for their own wild imaginations. At the end they'll go home with some ideas, more skills and a Monster School colouring booklet to enjoy.

  • For kids 6-8, classes are 45 minutes and cost $15 each.

  • For kids 9-12, the class is longer, an hour and a half, and the cost is $20 each.

  • All materials are provided.

  • Each child gets a free colouring booklet to take home.

  • You can download a free sample colouring page on my Freebies page!

Having a party? Group rates available. Tell me what you had in mind and I'm happy to give you a quote.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Next Monster School workshop:

Workshop registration

Saturday, October 21

Kids 6-8, 2:00 PM - 2:45 PM, $15.00

Kids 9-12, 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM, $20.00

Workshops are at SkyBlue Art Studio, 1297 Gerrard Street East (just east of Greenwood)

MonsterSchoolStudio on Etsy

Monster School Studio on Etsy - NEW!


Now you can buy Monster School downloadable, foldable cards for your party, holiday and personal needs. Are your kids having a birthday party? A Hallowe'en party? Do you need a whole bunch of Valentines for the kids in the class - or for yourself? Are you always writing thank-you notes, or are you always having to apologize for one thing or another? There's a monster for that! Download the PDF once, print as many times as you like, fold 'em, colour them and give them away! See my growing line of products on Etsy.

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