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Visual assets for your website

There are quite a few DIY website applications available now, but they all need images and content. If you need help with adapting photos to use on your site, creating or adapting headers or backgrounds, or other visual assets, please contact me. I'm also open to illustration work. Don't hesitate to ask.

Do you have questions about what is involved in hiring me to do some custom work for you? Here are the FAQs.

Logos and wordmarks

Logos are a quick and easy identifier for a person, company or organization. The difference between a logo and a wordmark is that a logo is purely graphic and does not include any words. It should be unique, instantly identifiable and clear at all sizes and in black and white or colour. A wordmark is similar, but is an actual name or word created with letters. There are combination marks which have both images and words.

I can do all three. Please contact me at info@amreid.ca for pricing and more information.


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